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ReDoMe® is a combination of musical activism, digital strategy work, and solution focused coaching. ReDoMe® training is developed specially for organizations in social, health, culture and education sector. The method engages 100% of employees in designing, developing and evaluating their work.

"They say you are supposed to find consulting irrelevant. We prove them wrong. Only because 60% of it really is irrelevant doesn't mean your work couldn't be 100% more meaningful. You shouldn't have to wait for the workin' day to be done to have fun. Find the right tune for your workday with New Beat."

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Marja-Leena Siltakoski, JHL
Milla Vistiaho, Rinnekoti

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Virpi Sorsa, Hanken School of Economics
Synnöve Karvinen-Niinikoski, Professor of social work

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Markus Vähälä
Antti Luoto
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